Switch and Lock Suction Grip Bar

922-00880 - Switch and Lock Suction Grip Bar
SKU: 922-00880
Switch and Lock Suction Grip Bar - Item Size: 11.5 in. x 4.53 in. x4.1 in. This grip handle is only to be used as a balance assist. Do NOT use it to support your full body weight. To ensure maximum adhesion, the handle should be re-attached before each use. How to Install: • Clean mounting site of all dust, dirt, and soap build-up. Be sure the surface is completely clean and dry. • Place the Twist Lock Suction Grip where desired on bathtub rim or shower wall. • Push the handle firmly against the surface to squeeze out all excess air. • Twist the locking rings clockwise to secure the suction cup to the mounted surface. Be sure that the locking ring is twisted as much as possible. This will provide the most amount of suction with the mounted surface. • Retest the suction after a few minutes to ensure that the item is adhering properly. Special Note: You must still test the grip manually before each use to ensure that it has not loosened since the last use.